Audit Representation: What You Need To Know

Audit Representation: What You Need To Know

“Audit” is the dreaded five-lettered word of the IRS that every taxpayer prays they never hear.  The fear for some can be so great that they don’t venture to claim certain valid tax deductions because they hear the IRS is closely examining those categories on filed returns. Audits can come from various state and federal government agencies, including the IRS, Franchise Tax Board, Employment Development Department, and California Department of Tax and Fees Administration. They can be initiated for several reasons, notwithstanding human error and special circumstances, but they should never be ignored.  By securing audit representation from a tax professional immediately upon receiving notification of an audit, the most favorable results are often achieved.

At Delgado and Associates, the staff of licensed tax professionals is grounded in extensive preparation and process management and can get involved at various stages of the audit process. Many clients have come immediately, while others come overwhelmed after starting the process on their own, or once a tax agency has made an unfavorable adjustment to the taxpayer’s liability. Tax law can be confusing even for the tax agency employees, which makes getting expert audit representation sensible and essential to making sure a case is handled fairly and accurately.

A taxpayer should never be intimidated by the government into forcible compliance without the situation being proved, and it is easy to feel unsettled when meeting with auditors.  In the unfortunate circumstance, an audit is initiated, secure the help of a tax professional to achieve the best result and peace of mind. 

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