Providing Tax Solutions


Fresh Start Program

The Internal Revenue Service’s Fresh Start Program expanded Taxpayers’ options for repayment, or partial payment, of balances owed.


Offer in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise (sometimes referred to an Offer and Compromise) is a tax settlement agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS.


Wage Garnishments & Levy Release

The IRS or State will make several attempts to collect back taxes. They begin by sending you notices of tax due.


Audit Representation

Our staff of licensed tax professionals will represent you with your IRS and California tax audits. Our team can get involved at various stages of the audit process.


Solving Your Tax Problems

Delgado & Associates


John Delgado

Founded Delgado & Associates over 17 years ago and have over 27 years of experience representing Taxpayers before the IRS and various State Tax Agencies.

Offer in Compromise Calculator

Fear and uncertainty are paralyzing, and the drain of collection efforts can shatter goals and dreams. Check out the Offer In Compromise Calculator today to begin to get a handle on your difficult situation. Once pre-qualification is determined, it is imperative to seek professional advice and consultation to navigate the application process.